Valley doctor heading back to Ukraine to help wounded war victims

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While thousands flee Russia's invasion of Ukraine, one Valley doctor is packing his bags to help war victims.

Dr. Monzer Yazji is a Syrian national living in the Valley, and says he doesn't want to see what happened to his country, happen in Ukraine.

“Unfortunately, Obama said it was a red line and we are broken,” Dr. Yazji said. “I hope the Biden administration, that when they say red line, they really stop for them.”

Dr. Yazji is referring to the red line former President Barack Obama gave his Syrian counterpart Bashar al-Asad, warning him against the use of chemical weapons on his own population. Dr. Yazji wants the Biden administration to take more action.

“Whatever phase we are in, we should stand together without fear, to help the most suppressed people in the world and in most danger,” Yazji said. “That is what I live for.

Yazji said he says he's not afraid of war, but more worried about the injured. He just got back from Ukraine and is going back this weekend with fellow doctors from across the region and other countries.

Yazji is expected to be on the border with Poland and Ukraine this Saturday.


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