Valley Drivers Concerned about Road Rage

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EDINBURG-----A driver for a ridesharing service is concerned for his safety after a road incident left a 27-year-old man dead in Edinburg.           
     Paul Vazaldua said he encountered road rage last week. 
     "Somebody drove by and opened the window and yelled out profanities! It scared the young lady that was in the car with me. You know, I became concerned what could this turn into?" says Vazaldua.      
     He adds the deadly incident last week is keeping other ride-share drivers on the look out. "When I see somebody road rage or try to cut me off instead of causing more danger, I just slow down and try to take more time to get where I'm going" says Vazaldua. 
    Another valley driver, Mateo Rodriguez is a semi-truck driver and is familiar with this type of hostility. "They point the finger sometimes, and get in front and slam on the brakes" said Rodriguez. 
     Rodriguez asks all drivers to be cautious on the roads, especially with tractor trailers. 


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