Valley Family Taking Legal Action after Learning Wheelchair Damages Won’t be Covered by Airline

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UPDATE (11/23): A Valley man says he's expecting a new wheelchair soon after a two-month long debate with United Airlines. 

He says someone with the airline damaged his customized wheelchair after he checked in for a flight. 

Mike Beegum is a professional gamer who competes even though he can't use his arms or feet. 

Beegum was told his replacement wheelchair should arrive in late December or early January. 


WESLACO – A Rio Grande Valley family is now taking legal action against an airline after learning the airline would not cover damage expenses for a wheelchair.

Mike Begum says his wheelchair was damaged at the baggage claim area at United Airlines.

 He says the airline got back with him and said they cannot pay for a customized wheelchair.

Watch the video above for more information.


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