Valley Gun Shops Expect to See Changes in Sales and Regulations

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BROWNSVILLE - Mass shootings in El Paso and Ohio might cause gun stores here in the Rio Grande Valley to see a change in their businesses.


It’s a change gun shop owners say will be about who shows up and about the possibility a change will be made in gun laws.


Events nationwide involving firearms might bring buyers who are afraid the government might soon mean stricter gun laws.


Brian Guerra, a gun store owner, says from his experience the customers who will show up now will likely be local law enforcement who will want to upgrade their weapons.


He adds the weapons available to civilians are too similar now to the ones available to law enforcement, and this is why he is strict about who wants to buy.


“If they display any frustration. If they display in any way shape or form that we feel they are mentally incapable of understanding what this weapon can do. Then we will deny the sale. We are under no obligation because we are a private company. We are under no obligation to sell them that product”, Guerra says.


Zael Osorio, a gun instructor, says business for him might stay the same, but adds there will probably be a change in gun laws.


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