Valley High School Staff, Students Undergoing Tuberculosis T

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MCALLEN – Hidalgo County health officials said the number of people being tested for Tuberculosis has not increased at a McAllen ISD high school.

Earlier this week, 250 people received notifications at James "Nikki" Rowe High School telling students and staff they will be tested for possible exposure to the bacterial infection.

A person who was at campus is suspected to have TB, but that infection has yet to be confirmed.

The Hidalgo County Health and Human Service Department is leading the investigation.

“It is not an easy illness to contract. You have to be in a very close proximity; almost at a level of intimate proximity,” said Eddie Olivarez, the department’s director. “Family members, brothers and sisters; people who may share a dormitory or share a bedroom or share a very small, confined workspace that has zero ventilation.”

Olivarez said the group will be tested for exposure.

If anyone tests positive for exposure, further examination will be necessary.  That process will include a closer look at the individual’s medical history.


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