Valley Insurance Company Willing to Help Flood Victim

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PHARR – A Pharr woman is struggling to find help after the June floods.

Sylvia Picasso says she was excited to know her insurance company, Pronto Insurance, was willing to pay the $13,000 worth of damages water caused to her husband’s car.

The Brownsville-based company promised to send the check to her bank overnight. She was expecting the check on July 8.

“I’ve been without a car for about a month already, and I have no information from them,” she says.

Picasso says she called them several times but no one answered.

After CHANNEL 5 NEWS started asking questions, Pronto Insurance reached out to Picasso.

She says the company is willing to honor her original settlement and will also pay their car payment this month.

Watch the video above for the full story.


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