Valley Made, Local Strong: Reef Valley

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Tropical fish store Reef Valley, located at 101 North McColl Road in McAllen is where Jose Avila's love for the business started years ago. 

He's has both salt and freshwater fish tanks since he was a child. 

"Nine years ago I decided to make it into a business," Avila said. "Which is what I have right now."

The fish come in many sizes. You can also find all sorts of fish tank needs at the shop, both for salt and freshwater. 

"We have all of the livestock," Avila said. "We sell the coral and all of the fish, fresh water [and] salt water. We also sell the aquariums... Pretty much everything that you're going to need to get your tank started and service it."

Avila says they also do custom tanks, for homes or businesses in any specific size or design. 

"If something breaks or you need a cleaning, we provide service for the equipment and all that," Avila said.

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