Valley Man Purchases Prepaid Card, Payment Fails

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UPDATE (8/24): The man who attempted to pay his bills with a prepaid card almost had his money stolen by the person he was trying to pay. 

He says Netspend contacted him and notified him that the name on the card was changed to a name of an employee. 

Netspend released this statement: 

"Consumers should never provide a payment card number over email, text, phone or other communication means to an individual. Always provide payment information directly to your service provider through their website or customer service. We take proactive steps to protect consumer funds when fraud is suspected and fully cooperate with law enforcement."


WESLACO – A prepaid card left a Rio Grande Valley man without money and with an unpaid bill.

Daniel Montez bought the prepaid card, valued at $180, at the grocery store.

He received an email that explained the payment did not go through.

KRGV’s John Paul Barajas reached out to Netspend to find answers.

Netspend released this statement:

"We do not comment on specific customer cases. However, we investigate any issue reported by customers. So we would always recommend that if there is an issue using a Netspend card, report it immediately using the number on the back of the card."

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