Valley Man Upset after Car Towed Off from Expy 83

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ALAMO – An Alamo man said he feels a San Juan Police officer unnecessarily had his car towed from the expressway.

Roy Cruz is a new grandfather. His first grandchild was born in April of this year. He told CHANNEL 5 NEWS his grandson is his pride and joy.

"It's great! He's named after me, so he's the III," he said.

Cruz explained on Friday, Sept. 22nd, his six-month-old grandson, Roy Cruz III, was involved in a serious car accident with his father on the expressway in San Juan.

He explained a semi-truck tire flew across the center divider headed toward their vehicle.

"My son tried to do evasive maneuvers because it was going to hit his wife on the passenger side and it actually hit on the driver side,” he said. “They could have both been killed because had it hit the windshield. It could have gone right through.”

Cruz said the car was totaled as a result of the accident. He arrived at the scene to find the car on the grass near the shoulder of the expressway.

He said he pleaded with the police officer on scene to let him tow the vehicle home himself. Instead, the officer ordered a tow company to tow it.

"I didn't have the money to pay for it on the spot. I did borrow money, it cost me $195," Cruz explained.

Cruz wants to know why he wasn't given extra time to figure out his own arrangements.

CHANNEL 5 NEWS headed to the San Juan Police Department. San Juan Police Chief Juan Gonzalez said it’s the officers' decision whether or not to call a tow truck to the scene.

"Usually the law allows us. If the vehicle is inoperable or is going to cause a hazard or another accident and it might be an obstruction to other drivers on the expressway, then the officer calls and wrecker service to go ahead and tow it away," he explained.

Gonzalez said, according to a city of San Juan ordinance, once a tow company is called to the scene of an accident to remove a vehicle, the vehicle must be towed.

Cruz explained he only has liability insurance on the vehicle. Since the vehicle that dropped the tires never stopped, he's left taking a loss on the totaled vehicle.

The grandfather is asking anyone who may have seen who is responsible for the accident to please call the San Juan Police Department and report what you have seen so those responsible may be brought to justice.


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