Valley Medical Staff Set to Visit Harvey-Hit Communities

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HARLINGEN – Rio Grande Valley doctors and medical staff will help victims of Hurricane Harvey when they drive to Rockport Saturday.

The effort, organized through the Islamic Center in Harlingen, will send several truckloads of needed supplies to the area.

Dr. Aslam Shariff said the group was prepared to collect medical supplies, but they were told by organizers in the affected areas the delivery would come too soon. He said they're encouraged to bring non-medical supplies instead.

Dr. Shariff  is concerned about the medical wellbeing of people who were forced out from their homes.

"Everybody leaves their home, they leave their basic necessities. There are people who are diabetics. They might have lost their medicines. They might have lost their insulins. They might have lost their heart medications, which is a life-saving medication,” he said. “This is my concern, because I've seen that if patients don't take their medication, the situation changes dramatically."

The physician said the group will be taking clothes, shoes, batteries, electric plugs and food.

They're coordinating with relief agencies and local Muslim faith networks in the affected area as well.

Dr. Shariff said they are prepared to offer medical aid if needed.


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