Valley Merchants Concerned Presence of Troops Will Hurt Business

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BROWNSVILLE – Some Rio Grande Valley merchants are concerned the presence of troops will drive away business.

Isidoro Zuniga Hernandez often crosses from Matamoros to Brownsville. He says he's already noticing waiting times at the Gateway International Bridge slowing down significantly.

"We'd be more scared to come probably, fear that a shootout would break out and you're caught in the middle of it as an innocent bystander. We'd think about it twice," he says. 

Store manager Pedro Alvarez says he saw a 35 percent decrease in sales for the month of October.

"That really affects commerce, in that, people won't want to come. They'll take too long. They're going to be in line for two hours, and they'll just not come, or come for quick errands. So they won't make time to shop," says Alvarez.   

He's hoping the added security won’t drive away business during their peak season.

KRGV’s Daisy Martinez has the details.

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