Valley Native Shares Impact of Texas Tech Shooting

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WESLACO – Texas Tech University faculty staff and students in Lubbock remember the officer who was fatally shot.

A student pulled out a gun at the campus police headquarters Monday night.

CHANNEL 5 NEWS was able to speak with a Rio Grande Valley native currently enrolled at the university.

The ride home from the Texas Tech campus looked different for McAllen native Julia Burris.

“When I was getting on the highway, over to my left, I saw cop cars and lights and ambulance over at the police station,” Burris recalled.

Burris returned home and got an alert on her phone the campus was on lockdown.

“As soon as it happened, campus swarmed with Lubbock police department, tech police department, SWAT teams, sheriffs; it was every building that was surrounded officers and everyone was in the basements," said Burris.

Burris is a senior at Texas Tech, majoring in human development and family studies.

She described the current atmosphere on the campus.

"We actually talked about that in my class today, campus just seems pretty down and heavy," said Burris.

She said the campus is coping with the loss of the officer. She sent us some images of people paying their respects.

“There's places on campus that people have left flowers and letters that they’re going to pick up later this evening that people are filling out and writing to give to the family," said Burris.

Burris explained the university is helping students grieve.

"Tech has opened two different support systems, counseling center and a grieving center all around campus for students who this impacted them personally can go," said Burris.

She hopes it's an experience no other student has to go through.


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