Valley optometrist advises to take screen time breaks from devices

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MCALLEN – Nowadays, more people are spending more time looking at screens on a variety of devices throughout the day to access entertainment or to communicate with loved ones during stay-at-home orders.

According to Dr. Adesola Fadeyi,"That definitely does lead to eye strain and your eyes are focused at a particular distance for so long and it does cause your eyes to kind of fatigue out; kind of break down a little bit and it does cause headaches, blurry vision, dryness and problems focusing."

Dr. Fadeyi is a local optometrist who works with the Texas Eye and Vision Associates. He says because of shelter-in-place orders, he's had to work from home. but the orders extend to eye-care facilities, making it difficult for anyone wanting get a new contact or eye-glass prescription.

Dr. Fadeyi says routine and annual exams are considered "not essential," but they will still be able to consult patients with emergency cases, such as red or pink eye. Some eye care facilities are also conducting telemedicine, which uses a patient's smart device to get a prescription.

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