Valley Pastor Not Hindered by Travel Warning, Continues to Prepare for Event in Mexico

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HARLINGEN – A Rio Grande Valley pastor says the travel warning for the state of Tamaulipas won’t keep him from helping those in need.

Missionaries for Way of the Cross Ministries are preparing for their 15th Annual Medfest in Buenos Aires, Mexico.

Director Bejamin Butler says they will provide free medical screenings and meals for about 4,000 people.

He’s aware that the U.S. government issued a level-four high risk warning, advising people not to travel into Tamaulipas.

"I absolutely do not understand that. We travel the roads in Tamaulipas all the time, all up and down the border. Now, we don't travel late at night, but we travel them during the day and never a problem,” says Butler.

KRGV’s Daisy Martinez spoke with him to learn the precautions he’s taking.

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