Valley Police Working to Overcome Officer Shortage

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WESLACO – Some Rio Grande Valley police departments are working to overcome a shortage of officers.

Harlingen police spokesman Dave Osbourne said their force has 11 vacant officer slots to fill.

In San Benito, chief Michael Galvan said his department made progress in the last two months, filling six officer positions. There are still three spots to fill.

In Weslaco, police spokesman Eric Hernandez reported his department is fully staffed. They have a force of 72 officers.

According to Hernandez, the situation was much different 18 months ago.

“You lack resources, therefore, your officers tend to be overworked. A lot officers will have to stay and do overtime. If you do not have enough officers, at times your normal time of work tend to be a lot busier,” he said.

Hernandez added the more officers on the beat, the better the chances are of apprehending criminals.


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