Valley prosecutors to crackdown on businesses for price gouging

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EDINBURG – A warning now for store owners who are still in business: watch your pricing. Rio Grande Valley prosecutors are putting local merchants on notice for price gouging.

Products such as hand sanitizer and toilet paper are still flying off store shelves as soon as they’re restocked. Yet, some of those products are being sold at higher prices.

On Monday, a supermarket in La Feria was served a cease and desist letter after an investigation found it was selling hand sanitizer at close to $9 for a medium bottle and close to $35 for large bottles, more than a 20% markup.

Hidalgo County District Attorney Ricardo Rodriguez says his office working with state, county and municipal law enforcement agencies to stop price gouging.

Anyone who suspects price gouging should call the Texas Attorney General's Office at 800-621-0508 or contact local police or district attorney's office.

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