Valley School District Offering Supper Programs for Students

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BROWNSVILLE – The Brownsville Independent School District is encouraging more parents to take advantage of the supper programs at their schools.

BISD superintendent Esperanza Zendejas told CHANNEL 5 NEWS about 6,000 students currently eat dinner or take home a sacked meal before leaving school.

The district has 47,000 students enrolled.

Zendejas said this is one more way to help poverty-stricken children be more productive. A father of two students attending BISD agreed.

“Once they are fed, it’s a happy child. My kids are here in the program, they get excited,” said BISD parent Juan Martinez. “When I pick them up, they’re already having their food and then at home, you know what, they start doing their stuff. And they learn more because they are happy, they’re well fed. They’re not worried about what I am going to eat, what’s going to be at home.”

Zendejas said all campuses are offering the supper program. It’s also available to children that aren’t enrolled in BISD, but they have to be under 18 years old.

If you would like your child to join the supper club, you can visit the school they attend or the nearest campus.

BISD said they serve nearly 75,000 meals per day.


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