Valley Veteran Gets New Home

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HARLINGEN--A valley veteran is getting a new home built for him and his family.
     Orlando Liscano and his wife's new home was made possible by HEB and Habitat for Humanity. Liscano is a marine veteran who served in Iraq and Afghanistan. He said he felt grateful to the volunteers who are helping put the roof over his head.
     "It's something that's unbelievable. It took me a while to finally find a house and they're helping me out with it now," Liscano said.
     Liscano's wife, Edith, said her husband deserves this.
     "The civilian life afterwards through his post traumatic stress is very hard on him. I know there's many like him, so it's very hard. It's not an easy transition from military to civilian life," Edith Liscano said.
     According to Habitat for Humanity, 100 volunteers helped out.
     The home is expected to be completed by the end of June.
     You can learn more about qualifying for a home by clicking this link.


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