Valley Woman Says Bees are Populating Near Her Home

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BROWNSVILLE - A Brownsville woman says the bees next to her home are a danger to her family.

She says the bees are populating on a seemingly abandoned building next door. 

Elmita Velez lives in a rural part of town with her mother and 14-year-old son. She has their safety on her mind.

Velez says she's had this problem going on for a while. She is worried the bees will cause harm to her family.

"We want to come out here but we are afraid that can happen. That the bees can attack either myself or my son or my mom," she says. 

Velez says she's called the county several times over the last two years. She says the county always tells her the owners of the land next door have been contacted. 

But Velez says the bees are still there.

"I would like for them to get rid of those bees because we're in danger," she says. 

CHANNEL 5 NEWS contacted Cameron County Health Department's Environmental Health Division. A spokesperson for the group, Edgar Chapa, says Velez can call and request a county inspector go to the property.

He says, however, the inspector will look into the issue to see what options are available to get rid of the bees because he wants to help Velez.

Velez tells us she will call the county in the coming days to request an inspector.

Count on us to find out if the inspector is scheduled and what route will be taken to get rid of the problem.


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