Valley Woman Unhappy with Flooring Installation

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WESLACO – A Rio Grande Valley resident was left unsatisfied with a flooring installation completed at her home.

Shannon Muczygemba paid Haven Homes $2,700 in March to install new tile; the existing tile was removed and new tile was installed with grout.

After some time, she was unhappy with the work.

"The biggest area that kind of absorbs all the water is in the kitchen. This is where the grout looks the worst as far as the discoloration, the sunken in areas, the cracks and the holes. So, when I mop the water instantly goes into the grout and then it stays wet for hours,” she says.

KRGV’s Valerie Gonzalez spoke with Leo Salazar of Haven Homes. He confirmed a worker was sent out to make repairs.

The holes in the grout were filled but she wanted to work to be redone. They didn’t reach an agreement but she was offered a $150 reimbursement.

Sandra Morin of the Better Business Bureau offers some tips when it comes to projects that require contracts.

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