Valley Woman Wants Money Back from Former Wireless Carrier

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PHARR – A Rio Grande Valley woman wants her money back from her former cell phone carrier.

She tells CHANNEL 5 NEWS Cricket Wireless took money out of her bank account for months without her knowledge. She relied on the company for years before making the switch to T-Mobile last summer.

"I went to T-Mobile and I gave them the four phone numbers that I had with Cricket," said Maria Ornelas.

She says the company kept one of those lines in service after she tried switching. Ornelas noticed the charges while scrolling through her January bank statement.

"On January 26, I called Chase Bank around 10 p.m. and I asked them why I have a withdrawal from Cricket," asked Ornelas. "I thought they were just charging for one month but no, since June 19, when I made arrangements with T-Mobile, Cricket was charging from July 19.”

Ornelas showed us bank statements with recurring payments from Cricket Wireless.

Fifty-five dollars came out of her account every month from July to January. That's a total of $385 over seven months. We reached out to Cricket Wireless for answers.

They tell us in a statement:

"Thanks for bringing this to our attention. We reviewed the customer's account and are attempting to contact her directly with a resolution. For customer privacy reasons, we cannot disclose any further customer information."

Ornelas tells us she wants what she feels she is owed.

"What I just told them is that I want my money back," said Ornelas.

We'll continue to follow this story as it unfolds.


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