Valley Woman Warning of Facebook Scheme

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RIO GRANDE VALLEY--A Valley woman is warning others of a phony Facebook hoax.

Eljean Glomski wants to make sure no one else falls for this trick she was sent on Facebook.

"I was very angry, and upset," said Eljean Glomski.

Eljean Glomski says it looked like a message from a friend. What she learned was it was an attempt to snatch her cash.

She said the message came from her friend's account in Nebraska.

"His wife is ill, and that's why I was concerned when he text. I thought maybe his wife was better because he said he had a blessing," said Glomski.

Instead, the message from her friend said he won $200,000.

She was then given a phone number to text personal information to, to see if she qualified for any winnings.

"Your name, address, your phone number, if you're male or female, how old you are, and what's your net worth," said Glomski.

Glomski was told she would need to pay a clearance fee of $5,000 to receive her winnings.

That's when she decided to call her friend whose Facebook account sent the original message.

"When I called him, he said his Facebook had been hacked, and he had had many, many phone calls throughout the day telling him this guy was asking them for money," said Glomski.

She said luckily she didn't fall for the trick, but others might.

Glomski has some words of wisdom for the folks behind the phony messages.

"They should get a real job," said Glomski.

She said she only has close friends and family on Facebook.

So next time,

"If I see something strange or weird, I'll call that person, because all my Facebook friends, I have their phone number," said Glomski.

Glomski hopes by sharing her story, it will prevent anyone from being taken advantage of.

The Better Business Bureau has these tips to prevent this from happening to you.

Never wire money, provide debit or credit card numbers to anyone you don't know.

You can report the scheme on the Better Business Bureau website, or file a complaint with the FBI's internet crime complaint center.


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