Value Limit for Travelers Crossing the US-Mexico Border

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PHARR – The Mexican government wants shoppers to know they can face fines for not declaring merchandise or not paying taxes on items above a certain value.

Many shoppers from northern Mexico visit Rio Grande Valley stores for competitive prices and larger product selection.

Meanwhile, some Valley residents have plans to visit relatives in Mexico this Christmas.

Under rules stated by Mexico's customs agency, travelers are not required to pay import duties on the first $500 of merchandise imported to Mexico.

Any items greater than that $500 value is subject to a 16 percent tax.

"They'll take the tennis shoes out of their box, or wear the purse they just bought," said one shopper from San Luis Potosi, explaining how some visitors will disguise newly purchased items when they go back across the border.

Any traveler who does not follow the rules faces a fine.


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