Veteran Worries Voters are Crowding Disability Line

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EDINBURG – A disabled veteran said she wants to know why election officials weren’t enforcing the rules of the curbside voting line.

"What little I can do to support my country, I will," Gloria Lamb said.

Lamb is a veteran who's currently living with a disability. The U.S. Navy veteran is also in her eighth year of dialysis treatments and it's beginning to take a greater toll on her body.

"I've been having problems now. My blood pressure goes down. I get cramps. It's awful and I can't do anything," Lamb explained.

Tuesday is dialysis day for Lamb, it was also Election Day. She said exhausted and in pain, she decided to crawl out of bed and head to her local polling location.

When she arrived at the curbside line designated for people with disabilities she was greeted with a long line. Lamb worried not everyone in the line needed to vote curbside.

"If you really have a disability and you need it people are taking up your space," Lamb told CHANNEL 5 NEWS.

Lamb said the wait was over an hour. Feeling ill, she decided to head home instead of voting. She wants to know why election officials weren't checking to make sure those in the line needed to be there.

CHANNEL 5 NEWS called Sam Taylor, director of communication at the Texas Secretary of State's Office.

"Nothing in Texas law that specifically authorizes them to ask for that proof of disability. So, then there is no authorization for election officials to do that," Taylor explained.

He said for those like Lamb who would like to see additional requirements placed on the curbside voting line contacting the Texas legislation is key.

"They should talk to either their state rep or their state senator in order to look for legislative solutions that would add the requirement," Taylor said.

Lamb explained she wants to see something done to change the law. She plans on voting in the next election.


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