Veterans Learn about Benefits at Outreach Event

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HARLINGEN - A state agency is working to let veterans in Texas know what benefits they might qualify for.
     The Texas Veterans Land Board recently held an in event in Harlingen for the more than 50,000 veterans who call the Rio Grande Valley home.
     Veteran Fred Patton attended the fair. "I have PTSD...severe PTSD," Patton told CHANNEL 5 NEWS. "A lot of veterans don't want that label. It's a label, a stigma that's put on veterans."
     Patton knows he's not the only veteran in the Valley who needs help.
     "Every now and then, I see a homeless veteran. I refer him to some programs that he's not aware of," says Patton.
     That's the constant goal of the Texas Veterans Land Board. The agency was created in 1946 with a goal of to providing benefits to Texas Veterans. 
     The agency's Jim Bob Mickler says the Texas Veterans Land Board holds events like the one in Harlingen throughout the year.
     "They don't want to be sent to a website," says Mickler. "They don't want to search through piles of paper. They want to ask their question to the person that can give them the answer."
     Anyone with questions for the Texas Veterans Land Board can reach them at 800-252-8387.


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