Vipers Celebrate Win with Fans

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EDINBURG - Three. The number of titles the Rio Grande Valley Vipers have under their belts.

"They have the most championships in the G-league, and it's for a reason," said Gary Payton II

Joseph Blair and his team defeated the Long Island Nets Friday night to claim the G-league title.

And with any road win, you have to bring the celebration back home.

"It's just been amazing for me to see the growth in the community, the growth in supporting the team," said Joseph Blair. "I hope it goes on, win, lose or draw, however the seasons go moving forward that this place, this building, this team is something that brings this community together."

A community that can now say their team is the best team in the G-league.

"Feels great, knowing that you started from the first day of camp, watched guys come and go, and knowing that you've been here with a couple of guys and went to battle," said Dakarai Tucker. "It felt great going through the whole season, seeing the transition and what where we was and seeing what we became. It was a really good accomplishment."

An accomplishment that wouldn't feel the same if they didn't get to share it with the people that stuck with them through the whole season...

"This win for the valley is incredible," said Payton II. "They put so much of their love and heart into us and we reward them with good games and playing our best basketball. And with this championship right here, it just seals the top."

Now that this season has come to a close, Blair is already looking ahead to the future.

"What do I want to do for next year? I want to be better," said Blair. "I look at what I've done this year and where I could have done something better, where I could have organized something better, where I could have prepared the team a little bit better, and move on for the first day of training camp, and get ready for that. That is what it's all about. I say the same thing all season long. What did we do last game that we can get better at for the next game. Then what did we do that game to get better for the next game. That is what growth is all about. If you start getting ahead of yourself, you will never catch up."


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