Volunteers Organize Clean Up for Arroyo Colorado

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SAN BENITO - A volunteer group is organizing their own "clean up" after last month's flood.

Managing director of the group "RGV Fishing Area and Waterway Cleanups, Richard Hitchcox, says if community volunteer groups don't come out to clean, they'd just stay dirty and cause more problems.

Hitchcox is asking for people to come together and clean this area.

The low water bridge off Cemetery Road in San Benito was littered with debris brought by recent flood waters and illegal dumping.

"The water comes from other places, it comes through and when the water comes up, it deposits it up on the bank, and when it recedes it leaves it there," says Hitchcox.

He says if they don't keep it clean-- no one will.

CHANNEL 5 NEWS asked Cameron County about the land.

They tell us the state is responsible for it.

We reached out to the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality; they investigate dump sites and tell us they'll be looking into this one. 

A representative for Cameron County Precinct 3 tells us they're not responsible for cleaning these areas-- they did help Hitchcox coordinate two roll out dumpsters for a cleanup later this month.

You can find more information on the clean up by going to the RGV Fishing Area and Waterway Cleanup’s Facebook page.

For more information watch the video above.


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