Voter Registration Letters Causing Confusion among Local Residents

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UPDATE (10/24): CHANNEL 5 NEWS learned that the Texas Attorney General's Office received complaint referrals after voters say they got pre-filled registration letters from the Democratic Executive Committee. 

The statement comes almost a week after the Secretary of State's Office sent out a release for Texas voters to be aware of those letters

The AG office says they cannot comment on the status of the investigation yet. 

Count on us to bring you more information when it becomes available. 


WESLACO – Voter registration letters are causing confusion aOverrun with Vehicles with Visitor Passes  mong local voters.

One Rio Grande Valley resident says the letters, which are meant to encourage people to vote, are doing the opposite.

David Kifuri is concerned the confusion could have led to his mother being deported.   

"This to me seems very deceptive and I think it does fall under criminal act,” he says. 

KRGV’s Angelo Vargas reached out to the Democratic Party to see how they can prove there isn’t any fraudulent activity.

They released a statement that reads:

"Every piece of mail makes it absolutely clear that applicants are affirming, under penalty of perjury, that they meet all of the eligibility requirements to vote. Voters must review the entire application and attest to its accuracy."

The issue has even received attention from Gov. Gregg Abbott

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