Water Boil Advisory Issued for Zapata Co. Residents

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ZAPATA – Residents in Zapata County are being advised to boil their water before consumption.

The advisory comes after storm damages at one of the city’s pumping stations. The damage, due to a lighting strike Monday night, is reportedly causing low water pressure throughout the city.

Residents are asked to boil water for at least two minutes.

Zapata County Judge Joe Rathmell said the lighting from the storm struck and disabled a pumping station near the lake.

He said the city is currently undergoing a huge effort to get donated bottles water to its residents.

People were seen ready waiting to pick up water for their families outside the Zapata County Community Center.

Dozens of people told CHANNEL 5 NEWS they had water with very low pressure or no water at all.

Roxanne Elizondo, official with the Zapata County Judge’s Office, said the advisory will be in place for the next 24 hours.

“We were told to probably guesstimate around three gallons per household. Although we are looking that if it looks like a larger household and we may go up to five, we try not to surpass six to make sure we have enough water for all the people who approach us for it,” she said.

City officials are also asking people to remain patient while the city works to fix the issue.

Anyone in need of bottled water can expect to see an H-E-B truck giving away gallons of water at the Zapata County Community Center located on 605 north U.S. Highway 83.

Anyone with questions regarding the advisory can call 956-765-9975. 


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