"We got to do it": Good Samaritans help clean graffiti off Alamo church

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A group of good Samaritans helped an Alamo church clean up after their building was vandalized.

At approximately 11 a.m. Monday morning, members of the Resurrection Church noticed their east, south and west walls were covered in graffiti. 

Foul language and hateful symbols in black spray paint covered the outside of the building. 

Isabel Forquer De La Rosa, coordinator of religious education for Resurrection Church said the vandalism was not only disheartening for the members but also for the parishioners who work tirelessly to make sure the church can operate. 

"The pandemic and then what happened to us two weeks ago," De La Rosa said. "It was kind of like we were trying to come in here to have comfort and now we see this and it's upsetting."

William Hoffman and his colleagues work for a home remodeling company. He said during their lunch break they saw members of the church outside trying to scrub away the graffiti in the cold and light drizzle. 

"Went uptown to eat lunch and we came by here and we saw that they were trying to remove the paint from the church," Hoffman said. "That's when we came back around and we had to make a circle. You had to do it. We got to do it"

Hoffman said they knew they had to help, even though they had to get back to work soon. 

"We had some cleaning stuff over there and whatever we had, we tried to utilize it," Hoffman said. "It'll take a little bit for it to come off but we just had to stop by."

Church members said they were thankful for the help of good Samaritans and the community for stepping in to offer support. 

Now, the plan is to continue pushing forward and cleaning up. 


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