'We need electricity for everything': Rio Grande Valley going on two days without power

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There hasn’t been electricity inside the Ybarra house for almost two days now.

Everything inside Flora Ybarra’s refrigerator is now spoiled. Food being spoiled is just one issue. A trip to the grocery store on Tuesday wasn’t very successful, either.

"There's nothing left,” Ybarra said. “There's no meat, there's no water. It's totally empty."

Thankfully, Ybarra’s husband purchased a gas stove a few months ago. The Ybarra’s consider themselves lucky. They know others in the community may not have a gas stove or grill to cook on.

But the family has lost some of its tiny members due to the power outage.

"We've lost a couple of fish because they don't have air filter to keep them alive and we're just worried about them, as well,” Ybarra said. “We need electricity for everything."


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