Web developer provides tips for hacking prevention

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With the click of a button, hackers could be taking your personal information and access almost anything.

As someone who has been involved with computers since he was four, and currently working in web development, George Karabassis says it's becoming easier for hackers to get your information.

"We are becoming more digitalized,” Karabassis said. “We're more depending on the internet. There's a sudden rise of cyber security."

The Better Business Bureau says they often get calls from people who have given out information thinking they were on a legitimate website only to become victims of identity theft.

Even apps are being utilized as tools to gather personal information. Karabassis says there are ways to protect yourself and loved ones from online spies.

"We need to get into the habit to frequently change our passwords from our multiple social media accounts,” Karabassis said. “This is because there are multiple database leaks which are happening from multiple companies including Facebook or Twitter."

Karabassis recommends changing your passwords at least every two months, and to create a backup password and user name for every account.

"To further secure your social media account so that even if hackers know your password they will still not be able to log into your account,” Karabassis said.


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