Weslaco Apartment Without Power for Hours

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WESLACO--A Weslaco apartment complex filled with elderly people and others with health problems was without power for most of the day. Without power, the residents couldn't use the elevator or some types of medical equipment. 
     The power went out late this morning and came back at 7:30 p.m. For all of those hours, people who couldn't walk up the stairs were stuck out of their apartments.
     "I can't go up right now. I can't go up right now. I fell and I can't go up the stairs," said one resident.   
     "Everyone here is having a hard time," said another resident. "I just got out of the hospital two weeks ago and I'm bed bound."
     According to Ready.gov, those with disabilities should tell their power company if they use oxygen or mechanical ventilation. You may want to consider a back-up plan, like an extra battery, generator, solar or alternative electrical resources.
     AEP told CHANNEL 5 NEWS high winds caused trees to interfere with the lines.
     If you are experiencing an outage, call AEP at 1-866-223-8508. 


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