Weslaco businesses to submit work safe plan before reopening

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WESLACO — On Monday, Gov. Greg Abbott announced retailers can will be allowed to reopen Friday under certain restrictions. Weslaco city leaders are also initiating phase one of their work safe plan to get the city back to work.

Retail stores, restaurants theaters, non-interactive museums and libraries must prepare and submit a work safe plan to the city in order to reopen to the public.

Businesses that are allowed to reopen can only operate at no more than at 25% capacity, according to the governor. Establishments would also need to comply with federal social distancing guidelines.

Weslaco businesses are encouraged to go the city’s website here to read the entire work safe plan and to also fill out the form. Businesses need to have it submitted by 3 p.m. Thursday, April 30.

Download the work safe plan form here. View a sample here.

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