Weslaco car dealership seeks community help tracking down truck thief

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A Weslaco car dealership is asking the community for help tracking down a man who stole a white four-door Ford F-150 truck right off the lot Monday afternoon.

The man was caught on Castillo Motors' surveillance video wearing a green shirt, jeans and a dark colored cap. 

Gabriela De Leon was on the job when the man arrived at the dealership. She said she thought he was a potential customer, asking typical questions and even if he could test drive the truck.

"He was checking it out, he asked the price of it, the price per month, how much mileage it had," De Leon said. "He was asking a lot of questions so I assumed he was interested."

De Leon said she informed the man about the dealership's test drive policy that a valid ID must be shown and left while the test drive is in process. She said the man told her he left his ID in his vehicle with his wife parked at a gas station next to the dealership.

De Leon said she watched nearby as the man continued to inspect the car as they waited for his wife to pull up.

"He opened the truck, he turned it on and he was checking it out," De Leon said. "He pointed and he's like: 'She's coming, she's coming' and he just took off and he never came back." 

The surveillance video shows the man exited dealership and took off east on Business 83. 

The owner of Castillo Motors is offering a $500 reward for any information that leads to the arrest of the man and recovery of the stolen truck. 

Weslaco police confirms a police report has been filed. 

If you have any information contact the Weslaco Police Department at (956) 968-8477.

Watch the video for the full story.


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