Weslaco Cracking Down on Vandals

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WESLACO – The city of Weslaco is cracking down on vandals tagging private and city property with graffiti.

One of the areas CHANNEL 5 NEWS went to was behind several businesses.

 Those who work nearby said it's a problem they see often.

"They do signs, symbols, probably gang signs. I'm not sure," said Elizabeth Carreon who works at a baking supply store in Weslaco.

She said the businesses in her area are no strangers to being tagged by vandals.

"Quite often here I know that we've had problems through the back of the alley and since we usually turn around on 3rd street you see it a lot on the surrounding buildings also" said Carreon.

The city is looking to crack down and clean up the issue.

"It basically tells vandals that we are not going to tolerate this in the community," said Jose Cano a lieutenant with the Weslaco Police Department.

Cano said vandals typically hit the same areas.

"From abandoned buildings to the parks, alley ways, and especially in areas where it's subject to crime or high crime," Cano explained.

As of Tuesday, Cano said they've cleaned over 250 sites since the beginning of the year. Some of these sites are right behind where Carreon works.

"I do like that the city takes an interest in cleaning it up and trying to find out who’s doing it. Hopefully they stop it," said Carreon.

Cano said persistence is key when it comes to stopping vandals.


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