Weslaco Man Fed Up Over Neglected City Alleys

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WESLACO - A Weslaco man said excessive brush was blocking his neighborhood's alley.

Isaac Cantu said the pile continued to grow over the last three months and nothing was done about it.

His alley was cleared on Monday afternoon. The Weslaco Public Works Department cleaned the alley up using its own trucks.

Cantu isn't the only Weslaco resident who has contacted CHANNEL 5 NEWS.

In August, another Weslaco resident reached out to us for help.

Cantu and his wife spent the last 40 years in this Weslaco home. He said this build up in brush in the alleyway is a recent trend.

"As long as I've lived where there's an alley, the cities have always picked up the brush," said Cantu.

He adds the new brush is potentially dangerous for his household and the neighborhood.

This is because a pile of branches standing in the middle of the alley blocks a number of important vehicles that need to drive through.

"You've got utility companies, you got power companies, you got telephone companies and, not to mention, law enforcement in case they need to come through here," he listed.

Cantu said he called the city of Weslaco in the last month, but believes he only got the run-around.

He said they asked him to cut the tree limbs up himself, making them smaller for pick-up. He noted he cannot do this on his own. He just wants the city to get into gear.

"I'd like to see the city or whoever is in charge of picking up the brush do their job. I mean that's what we're paying for and we're required to keep our properties clean and our alleys. So, I don't see why they're not doing their jobs," adds Cantu.

CHANNEL 5 NEWS went straight to the Weslaco Department of Public Works to see why two people called us to get the city to clear out their alleys.

Weslaco Public Works Department Director Pete Garcia said it is because residents don't like the answer his department gives them. He said residents demand immediate service, but adds the service is always there.

The city pays waste removal company, Republic Services, for these jobs.

A spokesperson for Republic Services said the brush piles behind Cantu's home weren't picked up because they are too large to be picked up in its trucks.

According to Republic Services, in order to be picked up, brush has to be bundled.  It must also be under four feet high and eight feet wide.

The spokesperson adds the bundle of brush cannot weigh more than 50 pounds.


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