Weslaco Man Wants Road Damages from Floods Repaired

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WESLACO – A local man says he wants the city to look into drainage in his neighborhood and fix the road near his home.

Ramiro Perez, 72, says he has lived in a home in the city of Weslaco on North Illinois Avenue for 34 years.

Perez says after the June floods, his property was never the same and the road near his house became dilapidated.

He says he pays taxes and bills to the city of Weslaco, but when he calls the city to complain he is ignored.

The city recently recovered $1.9 million after suing the engineer involved in a water plant construction project on Texas Boulevard.

Perez says he wonders where the recovered funds will go.

Weslaco City Manager Mike Perez tells us the $1.9 million from the lawsuit will go straight to the city water fund.

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