Wife of Drunk Driving Victim Shuns TABC Enforcement System

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MISSION – A new enforcement system for alcohol regulators has a Hidalgo County woman shunning the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission.

Mary Solano's husband was killed by an alleged drunk driver as he rode his motorcycle on FM 495 near Shary Road.

A trial for Cynthia Heredia, who’s charged with intoxication manslaughter, is pending.

"We're just waiting to move forward so we can finally close that chapter of our lives and move forward with the healing process," said Solano.

A year after the crash, TABC rolled out a new enforcement system for businesses.

The company’s spokesperson, Chris Porter, said the new policy allows the agency to be lenient on citations.

"What this new policy allows us to do is be a little more lenient in so far as we can issue written warnings to businesses as opposed to filing citations against them and beginning a legal case," said Porter over the phone.

Porter said TABC hopes the new policy will bring businesses who are in violation of the law back into compliance more quickly. The quicker the businesses are in compliance, the faster they can contribute to the economy.

Solano said she doesn't see it like that.

"It doesn't matter the revenue that you make off of the alcohol, you have a responsibility to the community," she said.

TABC said the new standards won't put the public at risk.

"We want the public to know any public safety-related offenses such as selling alcohol to minors or selling alcohol to an intoxicated person we're still going to prosecute those to the best of our ability," said Porter.

However, Solano urges the agency to rethink the system for the safety of the public.

"I think that they should continue citing businesses,” she said. 


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