Willacy Co. Cracks Down on Illegal Dumping

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NEAR RAYMONDVILLE – Willacy County authorities want to crack down on illegal dumping. They said it’s happening right outside the county dumpsite.

The Willacy County Precinct 1 dumpsite, located just west of Raymondville, is open every day except Sunday. Surveillance cameras caught some people opting not to wait until it opens.

The county provided CHANNEL 5 NEWS with images of people allegedly dumping their trash right in front of the closed gate at the dump site.

Since the problem started, Willacy County Sheriff Larry Spence said the county posted signs at the entrance warning people the site is closed Sunday. 

“Somebody started one Sunday. The gates were closed and locked so they just started piling this stuff up outside the gate. It’s right on the main highway. Once they started that, here comes several more doing it and it got to be a very big mess right there and a danger,” stated Spence.

The county is investigating these cases. They're currently checking the license plates of the vehicles used by the alleged violators.

Spence added county workers have to move the trash into the site, just feet away from where it was dumped.

The public is urged to report illegal dumping to the authorities. If anyone has any information on these cases, they are urged to contact the county at (956) 689-4214.


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