Willacy Co. Sheriff’s Dept. Seeing Increase in Vehicle Break-Ins

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LYFORD – The sheriff’s department in Willacy County is warning drivers after seeing a spike in vehicle break-ins.

Investigators say it took two days to track down and arrest two minors who were involved several break-ins over the weekend.

KRGV’s Sierra Pizarro spoke with Investigator Andres Maldonado who says after the burglaries they began cracking down on other incidents.

“Our patrol deputies upped their patrol in that area to concentrate on that area. During that time, we were able to find some information, including a tip. We located an iPad that was stolen from a vehicle,” says Maldonado.

He says unlocked doors are becoming a frequent target.

He adds many criminals go around checking doors and advises drivers to always roll up the windows and keep the doors locked.  

Watch the video above for the full story.  


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