Willacy County prepares of cleanup after severe storm

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The Rio Grande Valley is dealing with the aftermath of the severe storm that made its way through on Sunday.

Storm related damage reports from Willacy and Cameron County have come in.

Neither of the counties have reported any injuries so far.

The Willacy County Emergency Manager says the only major damage so far was the metal roof of a warehouse building that blew off.

There is also debris from trees scattered around the county.

Willacy County residents are asked to call the sheriff's department to report any storm related damages.

This includes any fallen power lines, trees or anything else that might be considered a safety hazard.

Deputies will be patrolling the streets to look for anything that might obstruct roads.

If you see anything, you're asked to call 689-5577, extension four.

In Cameron County, residents can submit damages to their home or business property to Cameron County's Emergency Management Service with photos of the damage.

You can submit your report here.


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