Witness of Fatal Crash Involving EMS Speaks Out about Scene

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EDINBURG – A witness of the fatal EMS crash in Edinburg has come forward with new details.

KRGV’s Angelo Vargas spoke with a man who was at the scene of the crash.

The witness, Senon Moya, says he was driving behind the ambulance during the crash and says it was preventable.

"As the first vehicle tried to pull out of the Dollar General, the other vehicle approaching at high speed hit him and then veered directly into the ambulance,” says Moya.

Moya says he approached the driver of the vehicle that crashed into the ambulance.

"And I helped him out of his vehicle and when I got him off I asked him ‘Hey did you fall asleep or something?' And when he looked at me, I noticed his eyes were very glossy and red and he told me ‘yeah’. His answer was yeah he fell asleep," explained Moya.

Investigators say the driver of the EMS vehicle, 32-year-old Marine veteran Felipe Huerta Jr., and patient Delia Cortines, 68, both died at the scene.

EMS medic Andrea Rodriguez, 24, is recovering from her injuries.

For more information, watch the video above.


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