Woman Accused of Mailing Bombs to Abbott, Obama

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WESLACO – A woman is currently behind bars for being accused of sending a bomb to Gov. Greg Abbott and Former President Obama.

CHANNEL 5 NEWS was able to obtain the indictment.

Julia Poff is accused of mailing an explosive to Abbot, Obama and a Maryland commissioner last year.

Court documents state that the explosive package was opened by Abbott; however, it did not explode because he failed to open it as designed.

A document states if the package exploded as designed, it would have caused severe burns and death.

Testimony reveals Poff was allegedly upset with Abbott, who was Texas Attorney General because she had not received support from her ex-husband.

The explosive sent to President Obama was detected in screening and rendered safe.

Poff allegedly stated she did not like the president.

Another device was mailed to the Social Security Administration in Maryland.

Poff had applied for Social Security benefits and was denied.

The court ordered Poff be detained for now.


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