Woman duped by disreputable 'veterinarian' she found on social media

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When her dog became sick, Brenda Martinez started searching for a veterinarian on social media.

Martinez found "Rick the Vet," who said he made house calls.

"Rick the Vet" only accepted cash and didn't show Martinez any credentials. He administered four injections to her dog, Logan.

The next day, Martinez said that Logan started bleeding.

She went to a veterinarian, who determined that Logan had a paralyzed intestine. The veterinarian was able to treat Logan. He's now his happy, hyper self.

Mike Tacker, the enforcement supervisor at the Texas Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners, said the board frequently receives complaints about unlicensed people who hold themselves out as veterinarians.

"We do see a number of issues, especially along the border," Tacker said. "Where either you'll have a veterinarian, say, from Mexico that travels over and practices or you have just individuals that are out there practicing veterinary medicine, trying to do it cheaper than what a veterinarian would cost."

Martinez filed a report with the Edinburg Police Department.

Channel 5 News attempted to contact "Rick the Vet." He didn't respond to phone calls and text messages.

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