Woman Injured after Car Crashes into Apartment Complex

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HARLINGEN – Two people were taken to the hospital after a car crashed into a house in Harlingen.

The accident happened on the corner of 25th and Carey in Harlingen on Thursday.

Officials said the driver of a silver car failed to yield a left turn, hit a black Dodge Caliber and sent the silver car into the living room of a complex.

Andrea Escobar lives in the unit. She said she was in the living room studying when she heard what she thought was thunder. The table jerked into her knee, she looked up and saw the car in her living room.

"No! No, I thought it was thunder or something. It was just weird because it doesn't register like right away," she said. "And then I saw the smoke and the car, obviously, from the inside. It's pretty bad and so I realized, 'OK, a car just hit my dining room, it went through my wall.'"

She only suffered minor injuries. Two other people had to be taken to the hospital; the extent of their injuries unknown.

The accident is still under investigation. 


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