Woman Wants Used Car Dealer to Fix Her Car's Transmission

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DONNA - A Donna woman said her newly purchased car's transmission troubles are raising her anxiety levels.

Rosalinda Rojas said she needs a vehicle to go to work and run errands. So in early June, Rojas went to an independent used auto dealer in Pharr to find a reasonable set of wheels.

She said a Nissan she looked at was enticing.

"When I drove it, it drove pretty smooth and everything," said Rojas.

Rojas bought the 2012 Versa for $9,900. But she said, after a day, the transmission showed signs of slipping and the check engine light came on. The car had a 30-day warranty on its motor and transmission. So, she went right back to where she bought it from.

"I just took it there within two days because of the light. And, that's when they said it had dust and they cleaned it," she added.

Rojas said the dealership had the work done on her car at a nearby independent mechanic. In a matter of days, she said the transmission began slipping again and the check engine light came back on. She said she called four to five times over the next two weeks.

She said the dealer told her to drop the car off at the dealership again. Rojas mentioned, days later, the problems were supposed to have been fixed. But they came back in a matter of days.

"When I start it, it's like I can't do it fast because it's not going to go. And when I'm going close to 60, it goes like that," she said.

CHANNEL 5 NEWS went to Vega's Autos in Pharr, the place Rojas purchased the car. Its owner and management refused to comment on the issue.

However, Rojas said Monday she spoke with the salesman who sold her the car in early June. She said he said the dealership will fix the car. She added he said he will add a three-month warranty

Rojas said she will be happy when the car is fixed once and for all.

The Better Business Bureau advises you to do your homework when dealing with car troubles.

Dolores Salinas of BBB South Texas said if the car dealership sends your car to an outside mechanic, ask around. Ask friends about the mechanic and request a list of BBB accredited businesses to make sure it has a good reputation.

She said ask the dealership to back up any work done by the mechanic and get it in writing.

She also said get the work done while the car is in warranty.

"If the warranty is done, if there is no warranty then you are responsible for repairs, whether it be labor or parts, parts and labor. If you're out of warranty, it's an out-of-pocket expense for you," she said.

Salinas added it is best to take any car you are about to purchase to a mechanic you trust for a check-up. She also recommended using Carfax reports on the vehicle to make sure it is in good condition.


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