Woman warns others of COVID-19 vaccine spam calls targeting UTRGV patients

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Residents in the Rio Grande Valley have been receiving spam calls about confirming their appointment dates at The University of Texas at Rio Grande Valley. 

Mission Resident Marcia Olivarez said she has been receiving spam calls all of the time and is worried she might miss UTRGV's actual call.  

"I received an update Friday at 6:30 p.m. — This is the sentence that gets me. 'please be aware that the phone number you receive, a call from, may appear as spam-risk or blocked.'," Olivarez said. "Well I for one do not answer spam-risk calls or blocked calls."

Olivarez adds she is constantly told to not answers those type of calls, because they are high-risk calls.

"And right now on top of the fear of COVID and the frustration of not getting the vaccine, UTRGV is adding the fear of having us answer spam calls? We don't need all that right now." Olivarez said.

Those who have concerns with spam calls can reach to the Better Business Bureau (956) 969-1804. 

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