Years after Annexation Mercedes Neighborhood Feels Ignored

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MERCEDES – A neighborhood sitting on the northeast side of Mercedes is looking for answers.

Maria Flores says their area was annexed into the city years ago, but she believes they're still living in the county.

"I call the city constantly to try and get something fixed and we don't get anywhere," said Flores.

Flores started living in the area a couple years before the city annexed it nearly a decade ago.

"At the beginning when they called the city meeting, they said we were going to get city lights, city services, city water," said Flores.

Since then, Flores feels the neighborhood was forgotten.

One of the issues she says the city promised to address was a proper sewage system; right now everyone still uses septic tanks.

"We have to constantly get them to come in and clean it out," said Flores.

CHANNEL 5 NEWS stopped by city hall to see what plans the city had for Flores' area.

"Being inside the city limits, a typical service that is provided by a city is a sanitary sewer, so that is expected," said Sergio Zavala, the Mercedes assistant city manager.

Zavala said right now they are working on a plan for the sewage issue.

"One of the things that I want to examine is what is the best and most economical way to provide sewer to those citizens of Mercedes," said Zavala.

He said the extent of this project may take a few years to complete.

In the meantime, Zavala says the other issues like the street lights have not fallen on deaf ears.

"Those bulbs might have went out. The sensors might be covered, but whatever it takes to light them up again that's what we'll do as well," said Zavala.

For the roads, he says, they will be working with the county.

"The city of Mercedes will be providing the materials and Hidalgo County will be providing the equipment and labor. It's a good long stretch on Beech Avenue, so that's what we are going to do in the near future," said Zavala in regards to the future project.

The city said they also have plans to add fire hydrants.


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