Latest Community News

Operation Lone Star Coming to the Valley

The emergency preparedness exercise is to help the community prepare for disasters and offer free medical services. The event begins on July 27 and ends July 31.

Hot Temperatures can Cause Harm to Pets

Pets should be left at home during hot days. Pets should be taken to the vet if signs of exhaustion are visible.

Edinburg K-9 Officer Dies

Memorial services for the K-9 officer will take place on June 10 in Edinburg. The dog served almost 10 years with Edinburg Police Department.

Brownsville Community Health Center to Receive $4 Million Grant

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services will award the Brownsville Community Health Center (BCHC) with a $4,221,732 grant to fund comprehensive healthcare services in the community.

Pastor Offering D-Day Survivors Sand from Omaha Beach

The Florida man said he wanted to offer it to survivors who may not be able to make the trip themselves. He collected it last year around the time of the 70th anniversary of the invasion.

McAllen Memorial Bike Ride (1)

Cyclists Bring Awareness to Sharing Roads

National Ride of Silence is an event aimed to bring awareness and honor the lives those who died in the Valley while cycling.

Brownsville Fire Fighter Explorer Program Ceremony

Brownsville Honors a Fire Explorer

Armando Sanchez was born with a tumor. Despite his condition, he has been a dedicated member of the Brownsville Fire Explorer Program.

(img1)Harlon Block Memorial in Need of Repairs

Harlon Block Memorial in Need of Repairs

A city official said repairs are planned. The tribute to the Marine from Weslaco has been in the community for almost 38 years.

There are currently no severe weather alerts.